From brand identity and creative direction through to website design, development and social media content strategies, Behold can help you to bring your brand to life online.

About Behold


From brand identity and creative direction through to website design, development and digital marketing strategies, Behold can help to bring your brand to life online.

Whether you’re at the start of your venture, or an established brand looking to refresh your digital identity and reconnect with your target audience, we can help you to realise your creative vision.

Our projects encompass design, creative direction, web, e-commerce, social media and digital marketing. Take a look at some of our projects to understand more about what we can do for you.

It's not just about making things look pretty and function well; we know how important the bottom line is on every project. We can help you get the most out of your budget to maximise ROI and keep your accountant happy.

We’re a truly digital agency with clients based everywhere from London to Los Angeles via Melbourne and Bali, so, wherever you are based, working on projects remotely shouldn't pose a problem.

Our international network of contacts for collaborations and campaigns includes photographers, models, influencers and videographers.


About Us


Behold Studio is run by co-owners Ross Holden and Sally Burlison. With over 20 years of combined experience in website design and digital marketing, both in-house and agency-side, we decided to pool our skills and start working remotely for clients whilst we were living in Lisbon, Portugal back in early 2016.

Originally a fledgling partnership working on ad-hoc projects for friends, Behold has organically evolved into a purposeful digital agency for industry-leading brands and creatives. After taking the business around the world in 2016-17, we are now based between London and Bath, UK. Want to know more? Contact us here.


Some Brands We've Worked With

Since Behold Studio launched in 2016 we’ve worked with Olivia von Halle, Mother of Pearl, Daisy London, What Olivia Did, Brissi, The Joan Project, Betty Magazine, Nadia Lee, Cleo Barbour, Hope & Ivy, Harper Scout, Runneth London, Lindsey Holland, Scarlett Burton, Iden Denim.